Monday, January 25, 2010

The most interesting people

I'm a talker. It doesn't really matter if I'm meeting someone at a party or standing in line at a grocery store - I'm happy to chat, about anything. Comparative knife sharpening techniques, why methane really is a likely gas for a planet with alien lifeforms, whether Sylar is a great bad guy because he's an ass or because he's a sexy ass...and most often these days: food.

I pump people for recipes, for ideas, heck, even for whether a food I just made tastes good at all. And at health food stores, I meet so many other people who seem to have the same goal, as long as it's about their pet food issue. It's been funny at times, and frustrating at times, but always, always fascinating.

Take cilantro. Did you know cilantro cures cancer? And, apparently, everything else, including alien albino brain worms (okay, so I made that last one up.). I found that out in the market where I was cornered by a lovely little old lady who corralled me in the produce aisle.

Or did you know that normal organic almonds are evil incarnate, because they are irradiated which, if I understand correctly, puts them on par with Rosemary's baby. Only imported Italian almonds will do. Yes, thank you massively wealthy couple who can afford to buy those. I will remember these words when I next win the lottery and can buy everything imported from Italy. Including their swim team.

Oh, or did you realize that all buffalo is not grass fed? It used to be, but no longer. Now, some is grain fed as well, which means it could have GMO grains in it. Not so good. I learned that from this overly-talkative woman with two kids who...

Oops. That was me telling this to the butcher at whole foods.

*hits head against the desk a few times*

Yes, I have become one of the people who hordes these little facts and passes them on in the health food stores. Terrifying, isn't it? I had no idea I would become this (I'm sure my family will chime in now with rolled eyes. They knew, I suspect).

I'm also one of another fun group, the 'small percentage.'

Where most people don't react to 'such and such,' but a 'small percentage' do. Joy.

Then again, starting down this path, where oddball, tiny little things set me off and send me into a tailspin, I have to study up on food quickly or I'll pretty much starve to death.

I'll be honest, I'm starting to get nervous. I've lost enough weight that I am 3 pounds from my ideal weight. And I still lose about a pound a week. Never thought I'd be worried about getting TOO skinny! Never been an issue for me!

But...enough about that! Push it back, and on to the trivia!
--You didn't think you'd get to avoid the trivia, did you? Of course not!--

You might think I simply listen to the lovely informative and sometimes crazy folk I meet, but I got above and beyond - I check it all out. Hey, sometimes you find out some truly interesting stuff! So, for the above mentioned folk, here you go!

Cilantro - the nutrition and wonder of cilantro. Actually, it wasn't a bad little herb. This is just a quick rundown of the basic nutrition.

Irradiated Food - Okay, I'll admit it, I always thought worrying about this seemed rather stupid. And then I checked it out, and yeah, it's an issue that should have further study, I believe. I don't know if I trust many of the studies that are more than 40 years old, because I don't know what their methods were, really. But it DOES seem to destroy some nutrients in the foods that are irradiated, so I figure we should be aware, yeah? I got the following information from . I don't know if I agree with the tone, but the information seemed interesting enough to repeat.

Some nutrients affected by irradiation(it depends on the level of radiation):
Vitamin A· 4-50% loss
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - 11-95% loss
Vitamin C - 20-90% loss
Vitamin E - 17-91% loss

And now...I will go to eat my non-irradiated, non-cilantro buffalo meat for dinner. :-)

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