Monday, June 28, 2010

Recipe List

Buffalo-to-go Featured Recipes *

*A warning about the recipes. I will try my best to be accurate about whether a recipe is allergen free, but I am unable to guarantee that any recipe here will not have a product or ingredient that contains a particular allergen, or that it is allergen free for everyone's level of sensitivity. So sorry!

As many of us who have been dealing with allergens know, when it comes to allergies, nothing is 100% certain. Please, be safe and double check ingredients and products for yourself to make sure you have the most up to date information. Companies are constantly changing their processing, their suppliers, their machines, and their recipes. On top of that, there can always be contamination issues that I am unaware of. And if anyone knows of a contamination issue for one of my recipes that I have listed as allergen free, please let me know so I can correct it!

And now, on to the recipes!!

Beverages -

Mint water
Smoothie, dairy free, soy free

Breads -

Corn Tortillas, GF

Breakfast -
Millet Porridge, GF, corn free

Condiments -
Coarse Ground Mustard, GF, Corn free (Recipe off-site)

Desserts -
Alegría (popped amaranth bar), GF, corn free (recipe off-site)
Chocolate chip cookies by Glutenfree Girl, GF (Recipe off-site)

Main Dishes-
Chicken Fried Buffalo Burgers, GFCF, egg free, corn free
Corn Tortilla Meal Ideas, GF
Rice balls, GF
Roast Beef, GF (Recipe off-site)
Simple Meatloaf, tomato free, corn free, egg free
Simple Soup, adaptable for multiple-allergy sufferers
Stir Fried Baby Bokchoy, GF, soy free option

Side Dishes -
Batterless Fried Green Tomatoes, GF

Snacks -

Popped Amaranth, GF, CF, corn free
Puffed Millet Snack, GF, peanut free, corn free
Rice Ball, GF

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