Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stupid, meet Stupider

Yesterday I cheated. I'm out, I'm starving - which is no excuse and I know it - and I got Terra Brand Sweet Potato Chips. Just sweet potatoes and one of three oils. I can eat sweet potatoes, I can eat those oils without too much reaction, I thought. What's the harm?

Hunger and stupidity took over, rather like Keanu in the movie Speed, where a bomb will go off if the bus drops below 50 miles an hour. My hunger was yelling in my ear, "I'm hungry! Don't stop eating! Grab it now and keep going! EAT!"

I felt So Damn Sick afterward. Darn it! Sicker than I've been in a while.

So today while I was reading up on various chips and such, I come across this information: Terra chips are not made on a dedicated line, so are not safe for little hyper-spaz-reactive bodies like mine. Might explain why I felt like death reheated in a microwave after eating them. I've tried all three of the oils involved, and had mild reactions, so I really wasn't expecting it.

It's a good reminder: when your body is freaking out, don't let there be any doubt. Call the company up. I need a catchier slogan so I can remember. Anyone still recall that 'give a hoot, don't pollute' slogan from decades ago? I need one of those to tattoo on my arm.

When in doubt, don't freak out.

Except that has no meaning whatsoever, so I suppose I'll have to file it under work in progress and carry on. Let's hope I can move on while keeping to my diet.

At the moment, I'm trying to help with that by putting my silly little post-it's around the house, haranguing me at every turn.

"Family is worth the effort." - Did I mention I become the wicked witch of the west with some of my bad foods?

"Bowl of glass" - Yes, thinking of the 'bad' foods like a bowl of glass DOES help. Sometimes.

"You're health is worth it. Don't cheat. Idiot." Well, the idiot is implied, usually.

If I move these around so that they don't become too familiar, it helps me think before something like this happens.

So does eating before I leave the house.

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