Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Gluten Free are Gluten Free Companies?

Now that we're suspecting our daughter is reacting to gluten between 10-20 ppm, I've been doing a lot of research. We need to find products that are less than this, obviously. It feels a bit like when I first got diagnosed and was scrambling for information just so we could EAT. And I'd be happy to share, so you all don't have to do this too!

Common Companies That Make GF Products
This information is not guaranteed, of course, and it only applies to the GF products (some companies have separate facilities for their GF products and thus, separate practices). I am only relaying the information that I was told by one, sometimes the combination of two, employees. It could have errors, as a result. The company could also change practices at any time. But...this is the best I've got at the moment. :-)

Arrowhead Mills
10 ppm or less.
Consistent testing.

Bob's Red Mill
20 ppm or less (although most test at 10 ppm or less). Every batch tested.

5 ppm or less. Consistent testing (not every batch).

EnjoyLife Foods
10 ppm or less. Every batch tested. GFCO certified.

Glutino and Gluten Free Pantry (same parent company)
20 ppm or less. Every batch tested.

5 ppm or less. Every ingredient allowed into the GF facility is tested BEFORE it's allowed in. No tests on the products post-production due to this.

Lundberg Family Farm
20 ppm or less (for rice products). Rice Chips are tested, every batch. Rice flour is tested periodically.

Pamela's Products
5 ppm or less. Every batch tested.

10 ppm or less. Every batch tested. GFCO certified.

Udi's Gluten free Foods
10 ppm or less. Every batch tested. GFCO certified.

I am still awaiting information from Hodgson Mill, at the moment, and when I do, it will be added to the list.

Now, a bit of information on testing
- 5 ppm of gluten is currently the lowest amount of gluten that we have accurate tests for.

- Testing every batch will be of more concern for more sensitive celiacs, and those with worse reactions, as it should mean you're not going to get a cross-contaminated batch from that company.

- GF facilities will make cross contamination less likely, which is of concern with companies that don't test every batch. In the above list, Arrowhead Mills and Rudi's (and Hodgson Mill, when it's put up) did not have a GF facility. Pamela's Products has a GF facility for their flour mixes, but not for their other GF products, such as cookies.

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