Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sometimes, it's hard to be cheerful

It's been a bad few days. The type of bad that makes you just want to sit down and cry, which, frankly, I did a couple hours ago. My hubby took the kids and let me go have a bath and rest, so he gets major kudos for that one. Thank you, honey!

So, what have my last couple of days been like?

My folks came to visit a few days ago. Yesterday, we went in to town and my throat started to swell up from breathing something in the car - we're thinking coffee or potatoes, but my vote is coffee.

The stuff is evil. Seriously. Coffee shops are everywhere; they're insinuating themselves into our hearts and mind. But when we least expect it, the coffee will come alive and we'll all be eaten by their little coffee-bean mouths and turned into drooling caffeine zombies of doom. Although considering the state of my husband before he's had his morning fix, maybe the invasion has already started...

Ahem, moving on.

I'm not actually sure what I reacted to. *cough* evil coffee *cough* It could be martian allergy dust for all I know. At this point, my body is not a temple, it's a bawdy house that invites everyone in and suffers appropriately.

In any case, I took a benadryl and my very sweet, very worried father nicked in to the local drugstore to get me a little paper face mask that would hopefully keep me from reacting more.

I promptly reacted allergically to the little paper face mask. And the benadryl (Turns out, it has corn in it. Which I can't have right now. Argh.).

Lips tingly and puffy, body collapsing, and voice so hoarse I sounded like I could make a career as a male blues singer, I pretty much draped across the back seat until we got back home. It took me seconds to head to bed and whimper quietly to myself for the rest of the night while my still-very-sweet parents volunteered to watch the kids.

And then they left this morning. I missed an entire day of their two day trip. Considering we don't see them except every few months, that completely, utterly sucks. To add to the fun, because I reacted so much, most of today I felt like I had a migraine, a case of H1N1, and a stomach bug, all in one.

Why yes, I am a bit whiny right now, why do you ask?

It's okay, though; the epic body fail was ebbing by tonight. I felt hungry again, ached less, system coming back on-line, all systems go.

I didn't get to eat until I cooked for the family, but then I got to cook for myself. And that was awesome. Woo hoo, food time! No more hunger! No more headache! No more feeling like crap!

I got about five minutes of celebration before I started reacting to the food! The buffalo meat I used is from a new source, and it is ground by the store itself. I'm pretty sure I'm reacting to something in it. God, I hope so, otherwise it means that one of my few foods is now screwed.

I don't want that.

But I just wanted a few minutes of 'I feel okay' this week. One of my 'good' foods taking that away was completely demoralizing. So I retreated into the bedroom and cried like a snot-nosed kid losing their first baseball game. And then I took a bath, read a book, and took a lot of deep breaths.

Really, I still feel like crap, but I can suck it up and honestly say - Annie style - the sun'll come out tomorrow. Because I live in a freakin' desert, and so the sun darn well WILL.

Here's hoping your sun is bright and shiny tomorrow, and will give you a much better day than today.

Oh, and lest I forget, a Cooking Tip.

When making Tomato Free Meatloaf with Sweet Potatoes - use the red ones. The one I made today was with the milder, pale yellow sweet potatoes, and it was not half as good. It lacked that 'mild BBQ flavor.' Frankly, the pale ones added texture, but not much taste. Not good for much but nutrition. I'd make burgers and sweet potato fries next time, honestly. Would have tasted better.

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