Sunday, May 23, 2010

Homemade mustard - corn free, gluten free

We've been looking for a good mustard for a while, but every one we found either had gluten or corn in it. So finally, I bit the bullet and we decided to make our own mustard. We had a yummy looking recipe for chicken salad with cilantro dressing that needed 'coarse ground mustard,' so that's what we tried. Coarse ground means chunky, essentially, for those of you who are not mustard aficionados (Yes, that would be me. I had to look this up!)

This sucker turned out quite nice, according to my children's taste testing. Chunky, a bit sweet like a honey mustard, but with a nice spicy kick at the end of it. We found this recipe at, where they had quite a few different mustard varieties to make from scratch.

Coarse ground mustard recipe

Now, one of the first things is soaking the mustard seeds in apple cider vinegar for 36 hours. We did it a bit longer. 7 days, actually, as it languished in my fridge. Not that I forgot, I just conveniently didn't think about it for a looong while, is all. Still, it turned out just fine. The seeds soaked up all the vinegar, and after quite a bit of time in the food processor, the texture came out just like the pictures.

Hopefully that means we got it right.

I'll admit, there's something fun about have this big, clunky glass jar with homemade mustard in our fridge. As my daughter says: it's like we're a farm now! Without the work or the chicken poop, but by god, we have homemade mustard!

I'll blog later about how it turns out when we start to use it!


  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am trying to rid of corn, as I seem to not have as much problems with rice. Corn does upset my stomach. :)

    This mustard sounds awesome, can't wait until its finished. (I LOVE mustard)

  2. Oh, I hope it turns out well for you! I like the glutenfreesparrow - the food looks very, very yummy. I think my kids are going to be pestering me to go look at more of your recipes to try, LOL.