Saturday, May 1, 2010

My town and tomatoes

I decided not to go visit the relatives. My husband took the kids, they all had a pretty good visit, and I'm glad they got to go. I understand there were some challenges - we're still finding our way in the realm of 'preparing food in a kitchen that contains gluten' and I believe my MIL was surprised by how much of a challenge that really is.

I wish I could have gone. I was just about ready to go with them, and then I had a little allergy cascade of doom. It's like a waterfall, with health at the top and hacking, throat swollen agony at the bottom. And once I start down it, I can't seem to stop it until I hide out at home and stay away from everything in the known world for about a week.

It sucks. Like a big suck-a-roo roundup. My 20th highschool reunion is coming up - I likely can't go. I'd like to see my great uncles for possibly the last time this summer when they will be within a state of me for the first time in decades - I likely can't go. Conventions - no. Vacations - no.

Until I can react and make it STOP, I'm kind of stuck like someone from Little House on the Allergy-Free Prairie. At least it's an allergy-free prairie that now includes tomatoes. I can have cooked tomatoes now - that is beyond awesome. They actually go well with the foods I can eat, they are tasty, and easy to get, and frankly cheaper than almost all my other foods.

I am so excited to start trying out some recipes!! I'll put 'em up when I get any interesting ones.

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