Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrating 10 months of Gluten Free Living

I just realized that in about 2 months, I will have made it an entire year without intentionally eating gluten. 10 months now, no gluten cheating (let's just skip the part about cheating on sugarcane and dairy, shall we?). For anyone who has been on any sort of diet, for allergies, celiac disease, high-cholesterol, or even simple weight loss...well, you know what an accomplishment it is to stick to a diet this long!

I'm sitting here in bed, recovering from a hernia surgery, and possibly reacting to my pain pills - these may be the last ones I can take. So let me tell you, it's a great moment to realize I've made it this far. I can hardly believe it.

I'm so happy I have managed it. Not everything is figured out yet, obviously. I still have some physical stuff that I'm working on, but really? This is something I feel like I can point to and be proud of. I've done something great for me, my body, and set a great example for my kids, too.

Gluten free for 10 months. Rock on, Celiac buddies.

And for fellow Celiacs who are just starting out on your gluten free route? This diet makes such a difference, honestly. For me, it was like there was a dark cloth covering me that I didn't even know was there, and going gluten free was someone finally yanking it off. Everything is clearer. Not always easier, certainly, but more real.

Last year at this time, I was tired all the time, depressed most of the time, suffering from carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, joint and muscles pains, and more. My daughter and son were tired all the time with huge emotional outbursts constantly. My brother was starting to feel sick all day long.

Now myself, my children, and my brother are all gluten free. The aches and pains and exhaustion are gone, the carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis are gone. The emotional outbursts are fading. Heck, 60 pounds are gone, too!

It's been a very difficult road, with all the food allergies and issues we've been discovering, and a few other things that seem to have snuck in, but all in all.

It's a good day to be alive and gluten free.

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