Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Update Time!

So, ten month's since this all started, how are we doing?

The kids, we're slowly figuring out. Both the midgets have to avoid gluten completely. Both seem to have trouble with dairy or corn, although we're still working on whether this needs total avoidance, or if we can have limited amounts. My son needs to avoid eggs like the plague, and my daughter...well, we're still working on it. She loves fruit like an obsessed fangirl loves Naruto and will eat every piece of fruit in the house down to the seeds if she can do it. Then she'll spend the following few days miserable, crying for hours, and unable to fall asleep until after midnight every night.

So far, I'm wondering if it's fructose, pesticides, or there are actually certain fruits that are worse for her. It's gonna take while to figure that out. We're getting there, though. The kids' behavior is so much better than it was a few months ago that it's stunning. The work involved in this is totally worth it.

My diet is still pretty limited, but I've been able to add some vitamins, at least! Buffalo, tomatoes, avocado, sweet potato, amaranth, quinoa, and dulce sea weed. And sea salt. Lost the carrots and almonds a while back, but got tomatoes. Not a bad food to add. Got some calcium powder, iodine drops, and cod liver oil for extra vitamins.

And may I add, all the horrible bad jokes about forcing children to take cod liver oil? All. True. Wow. That may be the nastiest substance ever invented for actual human consumption. I truly wonder who came up with the idea of eating this. The Marquis de Sade? Seriously. Must have been some seriously desperate folk to even consider this as edible. Rather like me right now, eh?

But inhalation reactions are down and I've been able to actually go into people's houses without being the allergic masked woman, woo hoo! Very exciting. Can't do it everywhere yet, but it's a start, and it feels like another beginning after allergy season.

Bri is trying to cope with his new diet, too - low cholesterol, low sugar. That's been a bit tougher away from home, it seems, but next week I'm hoping we can really get started on some new recipes that are tasty, and fast, and easy to make.

Yeah, yeah, don't pop my bubble, eh? A pathetic cook can dream, right? It can happen! The kids'll help. They like to eat better!

So the next couple weeks, hopefully we'll be having some new recipes we'll try out and see how they go! Hope to share them with my fellow food sensitive folk!

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