Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good foods for kids not so good if they have pesticides

A new study on pesticides suggests that fruits and veggies where organophosphates were used as pesticides can cause ADHD symptoms. Organic or pesticide-free produce is more likely to be free of these chemicals (they are supposed to be, we just may not be able to trust the label - the commenter mentioned this as a potential issue).

Another potential bad guy is food dyes. Most of us have heard that some kids may react to this, and the rebuttal that no, it doesn't do anything to kids at all. And a few of us may know parents who swear their kids are affected by dyes. What I didn't know was that some of the dyes still in use in the U.S. are no longer allowed in the UK. Our experts and theirs disagree on how good the studies are. (

Of course, our FDA is the one that said genetically modified food was so similar to regular food that it didn't need any testing or regulation before it was put on the market, which makes me a bit short on trust for their freedom from lobby influence.

These two do make me wonder if these are two things I've been missing in our hunt for 'what makes our kids have their crazy times.' So far, every time we introduce foods that we haven't made from scratch, things are not good. My children slowly morph from slightly spazzy, quirky kids to some zombie caricature that is either going to shuffle through the day or attack those around them.

It's been hard to pin down - I don't like the 'reacting to everything' label. But I know that some of our fruits and veggies haven't been organic, because I'm short an arm and a leg that I would need just to pay for them. And often, the products we buy, if we buy any pre-made, have a dye in them. Not always, but they can, and if they do, I wonder if that's a part of the problem.

Better go back over the food log...if I was still keeping it and not being lazy and tallying things in my head. Crap. Back to the food log we go.

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