Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gluten Free Alternative Grains NOT gluten free?


We're puttering along, feeling safe with our quinoa and rice flour and chickpea flour pizza crust we just made today - which tasted all right, I understand - when I come across this:

Some gluten-free whole grains and flours are gluten contaminated


During tests of other grains, quite a number, it seems, are gluten contaminated. Hey, most of them never claimed otherwise, although the FDA is considering automatically listing them as GF, just because they are not wheat. Yet again, I feel safer than ever that my government is looking out for me. Kinda. Sort of. Not.

I did not need this today! Ugh. None of us celiac and gluten sensitive folks did. Let me list what I consider the most important information from the testing, for avoidance purposes:

The worst offenders included soy flour, which had 2,925 parts per million of gluten, sorghum flour, which was contaminated with 234 parts per million of gluten, and two different brands of millet flour, which contained up to 327 parts per million of gluten. Millet whole grain, buckwheat flour and white rice flour also contained detectable levels of gluten.
I had just been thinking that I had no interest in those Home Gluten test kits, but now? I think I'm going to need to find some, just to see if the brands of flour and grains we're using might be of concern.

I'll post what the results are when we get 'em. There's a lot of brands of test kits, so we may have to search a while. Likely, though, we'll use the the EZ Gluten® Test Kit. That seems to be recommended highly by many gluten free bloggers, and I figure the community tends to be concerned with its own health, so that's a good place to start.

Gosh darn it, though. Just when you think it's safe to eat again. Grrrr.

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