Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interesting research for Auto-Immune Disorders

I thought this was a very interesting bit of information, about how studying Celiac Disease is showing information about other auto-immune disorders.

The basic discovery is this. They are beginning to think that all auto-immune disorders have three things in common.

1.There needs to be a genetic issue involved - the gene that carries the flaw for the disorder.
2. There needs to be an environmental trigger that sets off the disease.
3. Auto-immune folks seem to have a gut that is more permeable than most.

Reading this, it makes me think of autism, where so many parents noticed a change in their children after vaccines (a trigger?), or how many Celiacs have food issues (permeable gut?) or how many sufferers of MS seem to do better on a GFCF diet (again, the gut?).

Makes one think.

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