Friday, July 23, 2010

A lovely day

Food my kids can actually eat, that I didn't make!
Note the holy light shining around this miracle.

This morning, I got a call from my husband. "There's a new farmer's market on the corner. You and the kids should check it out today."

Now, you have to understand. When my husband says 'on the corner' he means The Corner. There is only one corner out here that counts, about a mile away, where our gas station/corner store/lending library/deli is. There's one restaurant down the street from it - which shocks me because I have a hard time imagining how it gets enough business - and a hair salon. We just got in a hardware store.

We have lots of people, mind you, over 800, but no real stores. So the farmer's market sounded awesome! There were 6 stalls, but I was giddy, as one had organic produce, two had at least least 1 gluten free offering, and the gal selling gluten-death goodies had a great recommendation for where to find bulk whole grains, although they are whole sale only. I'll have to see if they might be willing to make a deal.

Still, we were able to buy mangos for the kids and an amaranth granola-like bar that was free of all the kids' bad foods. It was so lovely. Well, it was 'okay,' according to the children. Who wouldn't have had to cook it, so I'm ignoring that. I'm calling it awesome. And everyone there is talking about organics and interesting foods - like a little welcome home mat, LOL.

Best of all, as it was outside, with not too many stalls, I was able to go and not wear my mask. That was such a wonderful thing, I can't even express. Every time I meet someone new now, it's usually inside, and I have to have on my silly looking dental paper mask. I'm used to it, but I know it affects how people interact with me.

And frankly? It's freaking hot. I live in a desert. Wearing a mask in the desert feels like being parboiled.

In any case, this has been a great start to the day, finding something unexpected and wonderful when it was just normal and tough a few minutes before. Just lovely. Reminds me to keep going. Never know what's going to be around the next corner!

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